Wisconsin Athletics


This is a sampling of the graphics I have made for the Wisconsin Athletic Department in my time here so far. The graphics I produce are generally posted on the Badgers' Facebook and Twitter pages (spanning across the specific pages for all 23 sports) as well as our official site, UWBadgers.com.

Some numbers of interest:
-As of May 2014, the Wisconsin Badgers have 717,000 fans on Facebook, Wisconsin Football has 306,000 and Wisconsin Men’s Basketball has 127,000.
-As of May 2014, @UWBadgers has 66,000 Twitter followers, @BadgerFootball has 69,000 and @BadgerMBB has 46,000.
-In March 2014 alone, UWBadgers.com garnered 3.7 million page views and 871,000 unique visitors.

This means that my graphics are seen, shared & retweeted by hundreds of thousands of people! That fact pushes me to do the best I can every day in this job. Many great concepts are conceived by my social-media-mastermind coworkers, and it’s always a thrill to help those ideas come to fruition.